City of Ottawa Gets Smart About Salt

16 Nov 2011 8:39 PM | Deleted user

On September 28th, 2011, Ottawa City Council passes the following motion brought forward by the Transportation committee.

That Council approve that the City of Ottawa continues to illustrate environmental leadership and stewardship by:


a. working closely with the provincial Smart About Salt Council;

b. adopting staff training programs to encourage smart salt practices for city parking lots and public facilities;

c. phasing in a requirement for City contractors to be certified in smart salt usage;

d. hosting a public-private Smart Salt Summit in the Fall of 2011 to share best practices in salt management with BOMA and other local public institutions;

e. providing information for residents on the City website for smart salt usage for residents and private property.

The Smart About Salt Council has been working with the City on pilot projects at City facilities and on a Smart About Summit to be held at City Hall later this month.

Deputy Mayor Steve Desroches, who lead the motion to bring Smart About Salt to the City, will chair the summit directed at finding ways to further enhance the City's salt management efforts.

The Smart About Salt Council in partnership with BOMA Ottawa held a training course in Ottawa on November 9th that was well attended with representatives from the City, local contractors and facility managers.

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