Leading Insurer Endorses Smart About Salt

25 Jun 2011 10:21 PM | Deleted user

The Smart About Salt program is an important tool in managing your winter related risks. The value of the program has been recognized by Marsh Canada, Insurance Broker for CNLA. Lyne Erwin, Managing Director of Marsh Canada Limited wrote: “The current HortProtect Insurance Program through CNLA offers a liability premium discount for members who have their Smart About Salt designation.”


Smart About Salt Certified contractors are dedicated to proactive winter control using best management practices to reduce winter related risks. “SAS certified contractors know that being proactive, using the right tools and maintaining accurate and detailed records are the keys to reducing their liability”, says Bob Hodgins, Executive Director, Smart About Salt Council. The program also requires facility owners that want to become SAS Certified to conduct a risk audit of their sites to identify high risk areas and develop strategies to reduce the potential for slip/falls. The partnership model that the Smart About Salt Program promotes between facility and contractor is the best way to work together to manage risk.


The Smart About Salt Council and Marsh Canada will work together to develop ways that serve the snow and ice control industry and their clients.

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