Western University Benefits from Being Smart About Salt

23 May 2013 7:29 PM | Deleted user

Jim Galbraith is charged with keeping one of Canada's largest Universities operational during the winter. Read about his experiences with the Smart About Salt program in this excerpt from the University's Sustainability Newsletter. Jim says "Looking back at the first year of implementing the Smart About Salt program, Western staff are proud of their success. The Landscape Services team will continue to provide safe passage for all pedestrians and vehicular traffic on campus, while reducing negative financial and environmental impacts." In a followup email Jim identified the following salt savings:

When comparing the light 2011-2012 winter to the 2012-2013 winter (considered to be 3 times as bad), the University saw a 22% reduction in its bulk salt use. "The actual percentage decrease would be even higher if we did a comparison against similar past winters. This is an incredible achievement made possible by the SAS training and our dedicated staff that truly understood the effects of salt and the proper use of salt for winter applications from your training session", said Galbraith.

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